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Consultancy Services

  • Wildlife Conservation Plan for Schedule I Species in specified area for Environmental Impact Assessment for Projects located near and around of the Wildlife Protected Areas & Wildlife Areas.( We asses present status of flora / fauna and habitat of major wildlife species in the specified of the project i.e., within 10 kms area. Identify the threats of flora and fauna of the area. Prepare site specific wildlife conservation plan as per the TOR issued by MoEF & CC , Government of India in consultation with Chief Wildlife Warden of the State and local officers.)
  • Wildlife Management Plans for Protected Areas ( Sanctuaries, National Parks, Community Reserves and Conservation Reserves.)
  • Wildlife Management Plans for Wetlands
  • Site specific Wildlife conservation plans for various habitats
  • Tiger Conservation Plans for Tiger Reserves and Tiger Landscapes. (TCP.s)
  • Master plans for Zoological Parks.
  • Designing Zoo parks.
  • Conservation Plans for of Specific species Plans with respect to Birds and Animals.
  • Assessment of Flora and Fauna of any specified area.
  • Consultancy for Urban landscapes
  • Legal advice for the Wildlife Cases.

Capacity Building

  • Training the frontline staff in Wildlife Management.
  • Training the Officers & Frontline staff in the booking of Wildlife offences, with emphasis on the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.

Designing the Environmental Education Centres

  • Designing of Environmental Education Centres includes designing and execution of all the activities including, models, write up and arranging audio visual education in the centres.
  • Renovation of Environmental Education Centres.